4th Impact Update: Girls Planning For Their Album?

4th Impact Update: Girls Planning For Their Album?
Future Music Festival 2013 Eva Rinaldi / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

4th Impact losing on “X Factor UK” came as a shock for fans of the group. However, all is not dark and there is still a ray of hope. According to the latest 4th Impact update, even after losing X Factor, the sisters are not planning to leave the music industry.


The group from the Philippines have revealed that they are not only going to stay in the UK and participate on numerous live programs; they are also keen to put out an album on iTunes. The girls already have their collection album on iTunes which includes all their live performances in a single album, but that is not all. They are planning to come up with their own release.

As per the latest 4th Impact update the demand for an album of their own is high among the fans. Currently, the fans have to purchase their songs individually. A fan tweeted that iTunes should compile all 4th Impact tracks, and he is looking forward for the real album. As per the 4th Impact update the band replied to the tweet saying that they are also excited about it.

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