4th Impact Update: Girls Have First YouNow Session With Fans

4th Impact Update: Girls Have First YouNow Session With Fans
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4th Impact has more to offer to fans. Just a couple of days ago, the girls made their first YouNow online broadcast. The new 4th Impact update is now about allowing fans to chat with the stars.


The YouNow online broadcast by the 4th Impact girls was a massive success. The four sisters have mentioned that they will chat with fans every Saturday. This will not only keep the group in the limelight but will also make fans aware of 4th Impact updates.

Last Saturday was the first time the girls talked to fans to answer queries. They announced the beginning of the session through Twitter. They posted, “Are you guys ready for the #4thImpactCHATurday Today is all about Mylene & Almira We’ll start at 3PM (GMT) 30 minutes only! #4thImpact.”

It was Almira and Mylene who had a chat with the fans for a longer time. They again posted on Twitter, “Loving #YouNow so much! 1st Broadcast & u made us trend for 1hr! Hope to see u again next sat #4thImpactCHATurday.”

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The girls provided one more 4th Impact update with a picture showing a musical event of the girls and Che Chesterman. The meet and greet of Ché and 4th Impact will be held at Civic Hall Bedworth on May 27. The Civic Hall website states, “Upgrade your ticket to a VIP to meet the stars, chat, take selfies with them as well as having front stall seats for the show.”

We hope the YouNow chat gives more 4th Impact update for fans. Till then, stay tuned as we bring you more entertainment news.

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  • Ann Anne

    Hi, I appreciate all the articles that you have written about 4th Impact, but I notice that whenever you do, you don’t post a picture of them. You seem to use generic photos of musicians/artists w/o faces. I just wish you would post their photos (there’s a gazillion of them in the internet). That way your articles will get more attention. Thanks.