4th Impact News: Group Mourns Fan’s Death

4th Impact News: Group Mourns Fan’s Death

This 4th Impact news is not something to cheer for. The group of girls has informed that one of their fans passed away recently. The girls have acknowledged the fact and are quite upset about it.


The update from 4th Impact on Twitter reads, “We heard the news about 1 of our fan who just passed away. May God be with you Sami Dendri!” The group also added, “You’ll always be here in our hearts! #4thImpact.”

The 4th Impact news of the fan’s death shocked other fans, too. One of the fans wrote, “I only talked to you once @PuckettBear sami but i know youre now an angel watching and guiding all us.”

Sami Dendri was 20 years old when she passed away on January 7. Her Twitter page stated, “we r shocked, devasted & heartbroken tnx all 4 d love & support 4 sami #ripsam.”

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4th Impact fans want one of the group’s performances to be dedicated to the late fan. Most of the fans made sure to provide their condolences to Sami and her family. They are one in supporting the Phillippine girls, and now, they are one in mourning the death of a fan.

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