4th Impact News: Have The Girls Signed Record Deal?

4th Impact News: Have The Girls Signed Record Deal?
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There are more 4th Impact news in the making. The gang of girls may have already signed a record deal. The girls have hinted something about the deal in their recent interviews.


The 4th Impact news suggests, the girls are receiving a lot of offers post “X-Factor UK.” Though the group of girls ended fifth on the show, their journey will continue as a good band, hereafter.

One of the girls from the group mentioned in an interview, “We have been receiving a lot of offers and it’s overwhelming.” She has hinted further, “Of course, we will announce it once everything is official, but nothing has been finalized yet.”

Once the group was eliminated fans signed more than 10000 petitions in favor of giving them a record deal. The amount of supports they received was a clear indication that their record could be a smash hits. It would be good opportunity for Sony Music to earn money while providing the little stars opportunity to grow.

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4th Impact had received a considerable amount of votes in most of the episodes. The 4th Impact news update revealed that it was 11.2% on the first week, 9% in the second week, 13.2% for the third and 13.8% for the fourth week. Finally they were out of the show losing to Lauren Murray.

The 4th Impact news also suggests that the found girls will be part of “X Factor UK” tour. Their first show will be help on February 12. Stay tuned to catch them up soon.

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  • BIG r

    Group 4th Impact is one of the best x-factor contestant I’ve seen yet, belting out bang bang with outstanding dance moves made them the highest views on YouTube in short period of time. They are a stage performers like a female version of the Jackson 5 🙂 I love them.!!