4th Impact Copyright Issue Occurs During ‘X Factor’ Tour?

4th Impact Copyright Issue Occurs During ‘X Factor’ Tour?
From 4th Impact Twitter

4th Impact’s X Factor tour is now on its second week, and the girls are having a great time. Irene, Almira, Mylene and Celina are jumping with joy, but there were some awkward issues, too.


The 4th Impact girls are roaming around UK. A fan recently posted a picture with a 4th Impact T-shirt, which raised some questions. The group was not sure if it was an X Factor merchandise or something else, Unreality TV found out.

There can be a copyright issue if the shirt fans are showcasing are not merchandises from X Factor. The fan eventually said that these were sold outside the auditorium. It is good for 4th Impact that their popularity is growing, but not knowing about the T-shirt is difficult to digest.

The X Factor live tour is also graced by Ché Chesterman, Anton Stephans, Reggie N Bollie, Lauren Murray, Seann Miley Moore, Mason Noise and Louisa Johnson.

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Making it to the X Factor UK was a big deal for 4th Impact. Telemix reports them saying, “Making it to The X Factor UK has indeed changed our lives. It has been a roller-coaster ride for almost 2 months.”

The group also mentioned, “We gained new friends, unforgettable experiences and wisdom from our mentors. We look forward to being on the tour, to give our best on our performances for our supporters and fans.”

While talking about their future plans, the 4th Impact girls said, “We are nervous sand excited at the same time as we face the future of our careers,” They added, “But with the support of our family and faith in God, everything will blend together nicely, just like the harmonies in our music.”

4th Impact from X Factor is surely a new group to look out for in the future. Stay tuned as Morning News USA brings more updates about their progress.


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