4th Impact Celina Pregnancy Rumors: Know The Truth

4th Impact Celina Pregnancy Rumors: Know The Truth
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Rumors are not leaving 4th Impact even after their journey on “X-Factor UK.” 4th Impact’s Celina collapsed on their final night in the show. This sparked pregnancy rumors, though Celina has denied such.


4th Impact’s Celina fainted not once but twice: before and after their performance. Fans became curious about the reason. Some posted on Twitter that the singer is expecting. When asked to comment on the pregnancy rumor, Celina said, “No I’m not pregnant. I don’t have a boyfriend!” The youngest member of 4th Impact just laughed off the rumors.

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Mylene, another member of the group, explained, “She’s our youngest sister and she’s never had a boyfriend or even a crush before!” adding, “She found it very funny.”

So what caused 4th Impact Celina’s to pass out? According to her, it is the combination of drama and excitement. She also said she had not eaten before the episode went live. This may have decreased her blood sugar level, which caused the problem. In Celina’s words: “I think it was the pressure, the long rehearsals and not eating dinner.” She added, “I’m feeling better with the help of our mum cooking chicken adobo!”

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4th Impact had a dream run in “X-Factor UK” this year. They explained, “We are so happy with our performances, we were so looking forward to performing that ballad [I’ll Be There], that’s our favorite song, we were singing it to each other.” Rumors of 4th Impact’s Celina being pregnant have not dropped their spirit. In the meantime, “X-Factor UK” continues.