4th Impact, Beyonce Duet Soon?

4th Impact, Beyonce Duet Soon?
4th Impact from Twitter

4th Impact girl Almira recently mentioned that they hope to sing with Beyonce soon. The girls have already performed songs by strong female artists. However, they did not get the chance to sing their favorite song, “Listen.” However, it is their favorite, and they will love to sing it with the star herself.


Gay Times reports the girls saying, “Listen by Beyonce. It’s one of our favorites, EVER!” The 4th Impact girls were asked if they had dreamed of coming so far on X Factor UK. The girls said, “NO! Every week that we passed, we never expect to be safe. If you notice on the show, we always had the ugliest reaction because we thought we’d be in the bottom two. And then, every time we were saved, we would scream the loudest we ever have before.”

The 4th Impact girls were also asked why they choose strong female artists for their songs. “At our first audition, we sang Jessie J’s Bang Bang. That meant we could show our voices, but also perform. It gave us the chance to show we can dance as well as sing.”

4th Impact talked fondly about their mentor Chery. “WOW! Working with Cheryl was a real honor for us. It’s a great privilege to work with her because she doesn’t make you feel just like a mentor but also a friend. She’s actually a superstar! She was like a big sister to us, honestly.”

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The girls said that they chose X Factor UK because of Simon Cowell. They also want to work with the label some time in their career. The rumors of a 4th Impact record deal is also heating up. Stay tuned for more news of 4th Impact here on Morning News USA.