44% of Twitter Users Have Never Posted a Tweet, According to Report

44% of Twitter Users Have Never Posted a Tweet, According to Report
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Twitter 44% of Twitter Users Have Never Posted a Tweet, According to ReportTwitter is logically one of the most popularly used social networking sites in the world. One proof of that is the fact that there are now up to 974 million Twitter accounts that currently exist. However, a recent study has found that up to 44% of those users have never posted even a single tweet since their accounts were created.


The report was released by Twopcharts, an online site that regularly monitors activities within Twitter. Twopcharts can tell when Twitter accounts tweet or retweet messages, According to analysts, the findings of the research indicate a big challenge to Twitter: to make its users actually post tweets.

Significance of user engagement

Based on Twitter’s own data, there are about 241 million active users each month at least during the period of the last quarter of 2013. In its own definition, a monthly active user is one who has an account that is used to log in at least a time each month. Based on its own standards, a Twitter user need not tweet to be included in the list of monthly active users.

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Some analysts reiterate that Twitter users don’t need to tweet just to find this online service useful. They emphasize that there are just more than enough data to be read about almost every topic under the sun. This makes most Twitter users occupied every time they log in to their accounts.

However, engaging users into online conversations is undoubtedly of utmost importance to Twitter. That is because through that, Twitter can be sure that its users would continue enjoying and using its service. Tweets, favorites, and even retweets could also help generate ad revenues for the Website. Thus, the microblogging site has been making it much easier for users to tweet, favorite, or retweet. There are even more user-friendly features today.

New accounts won’t matter unless…

Thus, to many analysts, the constantly growing figures of Twitter users may be of less significance. Those users could be quietly reading tweets and may eventually be bored and never come back.

Twopcharts revealed that about 30% of current Twitter accounts have posted about one to 10 tweets since those were created. About 13% have posted at least a hundred tweets. It is estimated that around 542.1 million Twitter accounts have posted at least a tweet since those have been created.  


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