4-year-old Boy Dies After Being Struck By SUV Outside Daycare Center

4-year-old Boy Dies After Being Struck By SUV Outside Daycare Center
Lincoln SUV Paul Sableman / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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A 4-year-old boy was killed on Tuesday after an SUV struck him outside a daycare center in northeast Harris County.


The boy, identified by the family as Anthony Craft, was waiting to be picked up from the KD Learning Center.

According to Chron.com, an 81-year-old woman arrived at the center to pick up her grandchild and Anthony. After the grandchild sat in the front seat, and believing that Anthony had sat in the backseat, she put the car in reverse. However, Anthony wasn’t in the car but near a rear wheel. Attempting to catch him, the woman got out of her car but fell on the way. The car continued wheeling in full circle in reverse, eventually slamming into the daycare center and shattering its glass entrance.

Anthony was transported to the Memorial Hermann Hospital with CPR in progress, but did not make it alive. His aunt Dominique Howard said, “We got the call that he was life-flighted to Memorial Hermann. We made it there and he had passed away.” Head trauma, from either a fall or being struck by the car, has been determined as the cause of death. While the other child sustained no injuries, it hasn’t been made clear whether the woman was injured.

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According to KPRC Houston, the family of the boy said they did not know the woman who was picking up Anthony. “We don’t know this lady, she has no authorization to pick up my child,” Charles Craft, Anthony’s father, said. “I don’t know why he was outside the day care when this lady is not supposed to pick up my child.” Neither Charles nor the boy’s mother have seen the woman before, he said.

The boy, the family said, would be at the daycare center in the morning. His school bus would pick him from there. In the afternoons, the bus would bring him back to the daycare center; from here, either his father or mother would pick him up.

“No one knows her,” Howard said. “We just want answers and we don’t have any.”

Whether the woman will face charges in connection with the accident will be determined by a grand jury.

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