4 Governors Want Confederate Insignia Plates Removed; Alabama Governor Takes Down Flag From Capitol Ground

4 Governors Want Confederate Insignia Plates Removed; Alabama Governor Takes Down Flag From Capitol Ground
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Four governors expressed intent in removing the Confederate symbols from their respective motor-vehicle license plates, according to the news. Governors of Tennessee, Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia said that June 17’s massacre of black Americans while attending a prayer service triggered such decision.


The Wall Street Journal reports that Virginia Governor and a Democrat, Terry McAuliffe, labeled the Confederate flag emblem as “divisive and hurtful.” He also said he already asked the secretary of the state transportation to come up with a plan in replacing the plates.

Dylann Roof, the culprit in the Charleston Church massacre, was known to have driven a car bearing a private plate with a Confederate flag. Roof also hurled racist words against his victims.

Meanwhile, Republican Governor Pat McCory from North Carolina said “the time is right” to amend the policy of continued use of Confederate insignia plates. His spokesman, Josh Ellis, attributed the governor’s reason to “the recent Supreme Court ruling” and the tragic death of 9 black Americans who were killed during the Charleston Church killing. McCory already asked the state legislature to stop using the Confederate insignia plates, the news said.

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Spokeswoman of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan said the governor wants to remove the insignia and his office is collaborating with the Maryland’s attorney-general and motor-vehicle agency for that purpose.

Governor Bill Haslam from Tennessee and a Republican agreed with the cancellation of the Confederate plates, David Smith, his spokesman said.

Alabama Confederate Flag Removed

Alabama became the next state to snub the Confederate flag as Governor Robert Bentley ordered to have the four Confederate-era flags taken down from the capitol grounds on Wednesday morning because it was “the right thing to do,” Al news said.

The controversial flags have been a significant component of Confederate memorial at its capitol in Montgomery. According to the report two employees of the state took down the battle flag around 8:20 in the morning and an hour-and-a-half later, more workers appeared and remove the three Civil War-era Confederate flags from the memorial.

The three Civil War-era flags that were taken down were the First National Confederate Flag or “Stars and Bars,” the Second National Confederate Flag or “Stainless Banner” and the Third National Confederate Flag.

Earlier, Democrat forerunner Hillary Clinton labelled the shooting as “an act of racist terrorism” and called on the people to make an action against racism. Retailers in America such as Walmart also responded on condemning the shootout and announced it will stop selling any merchandise with the Confederate symbols.