3 Things That Make ‘iPhone 6S Plus’ Better Than ‘Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+’

3 Things That Make ‘iPhone 6S Plus’ Better Than ‘Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+’
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Being two different phones from different brands, they will definitely have their own pros and cons. But here are a few things where Samsung still lags behind. Let us have a look at 3 things that makes “iPhone 6S Plus” a better phablet than Samsung’s “Galaxy S6 Edge+.”


Storage is the most important factor buyers consider before buying a smartphone. Samsung decided to skip the microSD slot. It should have focused on increasing storage, but still, it offers only two variants, 32 GB and 64 GB. On the other hand, the iPhone 6S Plus offers you three variants: 16GB, 64GB and 128GB. So if you are among the ones who require extra space to store data, the iPhone 6S Plus would be a better option.

3D Touch is a feature Apple brought to iPhone and made it popular overnight. Rumors are that Samsung will also introduce Force Touch with “Galaxy S7,” but this feature is what makes iPhone 6S Plus more worthy of your money because no one purchases high-end phones for regular features.

Camera is another feature that has become one of the top priorities of smartphone manufacturers since social media kicked off. iPhone 6S Plus went a step further and brought not just better pictures, but Live Photos to the device. Offering what other brands are not offering is the best way to attract customers. With Facebook working on short videos for profile pictures, iPhone 6S Plus is scoring  extra points for this feature, whereas Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus clearly fails.

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