3 iPhone 7 Predictions That Make This Device All The More Irresistible

3 iPhone 7 Predictions That Make This Device All The More Irresistible

Even before we get enough of “iPhone 6S” and “iPhone 6S Plus,” news of the next iPhone started doing the rounds. Some stories shed light on a few of the best iPhone 7 features and design changes. If these rumors are true, these could change the way upcoming iPhones would look and work. Read on for the top iPhone 7 predictions.


Among the stories, we have picked the top 3 iPhone 7 predictions that make this upcoming phone all the more irresistible.

Airbags for displays

iPhone’s easily breakable display was an issue troubling users for a long time. They have been requesting Apple to come up with a solution for this. With iPhone 7, Apple may introduce airbags to protect displays. There was this report published by GeekSnack that claimed a patent application from Apple discloses the company’s plans to bring airbag protection to iPhones. Other stories around the web suggest that with iPhone 7, Apple may switch to Sapphire displays.

No home button

iPhone 7 without a home button has become trending news. The design is surely going to be a welcome change. The experts only fear about the screen size. We know that Apple is not a big fan of bigger displays, so with no home button, the screen size may decrease. Other than displays, screen size has been making iPhone users unhappy. If Apple goes back to 4-inch-something displays, this is definitely going to be a big disappointment.

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Powered by Intel

Intel is said to be supplying modems to some iPhones manufactured in 2016. iPhone 7 is the most talked about device for next year, so chances of this phone powered by Intel Chips are the highest. Another rumor suggests that Apple may actually come with dual-source LTE modems from Qualcomm and Intel.

For more iPhone 7 predictions, news and rumors, keep watching this space.