For $3.8, Baby Tied To Rock While Parents Work

For $3.8, Baby Tied To Rock While Parents Work
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How far would you go for that extra dollar? This woman from India is willing to tie her 15-month-old daughter to a rock while she and her husband dig holes for electric cables the whole day for $3.8.


A distressing image of the toddler photographed tied to a rock under the scorching sun every day is currently doing the rounds online and generating mixed reactions from netizens.

To defend herself, Sarta Kalara said she does this in order to support her family. She and her husband live in the Indian city of Ahmedabad, where they work the whole day digging holes in the underground cabling system. Unable to afford paying someone to tend to their daughter, the couple was left with no choice but to tie the child to a rock, the Reuters reported.

She said the environment where she usually left her daughter is dangerous for her 15-month-old daughter to roam around, hence their decision to tie the child instead. The Kalaras added that they also have a three-year-old who is also unable to control the toddler.

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“I tie her so she doesn’t go on the road. My younger son is three and a half so he is not able to control her. This site is full of traffic, I have no option. I do this for her safety,” Sarta told Reuters.

Prabhat Jha, head of India’s Save the Children foundation, said that child-minding facilities are usually rare in India, and if it does exist in an area, it’s usually expensive. Jha, however, said that this is not an excuse for parents to put their children’s welfare being jeopardize.

“There should be creche facilities, either from the government or the construction companies. There should be a safe place for these children. They are at real risk of being hurt,” Jha said.

According to a separate report from the India Today, the country has the most number of urban poor and families without their own lands. In India, the government has launched a program dubbed as Housing For All, which aims to address the worsening living condition of many Indians in urban areas by 2020.

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