2018 Subaru WRX STi: Hatchback Version Coming? See Features, Specs, Latest Rumors Here

2018 Subaru WRX STi: Hatchback Version Coming? See Features, Specs, Latest Rumors Here
Subaru WRX STI The NRMA/ Flickr cc

The Japanese manufacturer Subaru does not seem to be offering a hatchback version of its Subaru WRX STi  disappointing the hopes of a lot of fans waiting for it.


The hot hatch version is getting the attention of everyone and Ford, Honda and Volkswagen have recently been in competition for the hottest hatch they could offer. Likewise Subaru fans are also expecting that the famous car manufacturer will enter the race. But the question is will they?

According to MCrunch, there is a belief that Subaru WRX STi sales is going down and Subaru needs to come out with a good way of getting it back on path. The best solution suggested is the launch of a new hatchback model which can be a great blockbuster for sales as the model is much anticipated by the Subaru fans.

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According to a story by TorqueNews fans have already been asking Subaru to re-consider offering a 5-door hatch in addition to the Sedan. For the buyers of STi model, what matters is the versatility and the utility offered by the hatchbacks. Those who like the performance of their cars use the cars for everything and they like the extra functionalities which are offered by the hatchback.

With a hatchback version, the buyers can use  Subaru WRX STi for multi purposes. The car can be used for recreational activities like transportation of snowboards, mountain bikes and surfboards to be used on weekends.

The introduction of Impreza 5 door concept at the Chicago Auto Show earlier this year have already pointed out to the new direction of design for the entire Subaru line-up. This has already led Subaru WRX STI fans hoping to a new Subaru WRX STi hatchback.

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