2016 Rio Olympics: Ning Zetao Instagram, Twitter? Here’s Where To Stalk Hot Chinese Swimmer

2016 Rio Olympics: Ning Zetao Instagram, Twitter? Here’s Where To Stalk Hot Chinese Swimmer
In Pursuit of Excellence: De Beers and Ning Zetao De Beers Diamond Jewellers/YouTube

The label of ‘Greek God’ would not do justice to this young man all of 23 years. He is a ‘Chinese God’ for sure. With his sculpted body, six-pack abs, and incredible good looks, he has broken the hearts of fans worldwide.


Chinese swimmer Ning Zetao is the latest heartthrob from 2016 Rio Olympics. Girls who are eyeing the athlete as a prospective boyfriend would be happy to know that he is still single.

The lieutenant in the Chinese Navy is making his summer Olympic debut this year. He will participate in the 100 and 50-meter freestyle races on Aug. 9 and Aug.11, respectively, Daily Mail reports.

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The cover star of Elle Man China for September 2016 is seen in pictures, training and walking around the pool in swimming trunks with his chiseled chest and toned abs.

The Chinese swimmer caused social media meltdown while training ahead of the games in Rio over the weekend. The 1993 born swimmer got the ‘China’s sports personality of the year’ in 2015.

The 6 feet 3 inches tall Ning Zetao is from Zhengzou, China, and was initiated into swimming at the age of eight by his parents. The handsome hunk holds the Asia record for both 50 and 100 meters freestyle clocking 21.94 and 47.65, respectively.

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Ning Zetao is a favorite to win a gold medal at 2016 Rio Olympics. He won four gold medals at the Asian Games held in Incheon, South Korea, in 2014.

The Chinese swimming sensation has sent hearts racing with his shirtless pictures. Though Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber went stark nude on their holiday, but they bare bodies are so passé.

It’s time for them to move on and give way to the hot and handsome hunk from China. Even Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps will be put to shame in front of Ning Zetao, Bustle reports.

Zetao was banned for doping in 2011 after a chemical called clenbuterol was found in his body. However, he made a great comeback winning gold for his country in 2014.

Unfortunately, for online fans though, the guy could not be bothered with any social media accounts. We can all just stare at him on his photoshoots, competitions, and commercials then. Youtube is the way to go! He is  also available in China’s Weibo.


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