2016 Google Nexus Phones from Huawei, HTC Up in the Works? Android N Promises Killer Mobile Units

2016 Google Nexus Phones from Huawei, HTC Up in the Works? Android N Promises Killer Mobile Units
Huawei Google Nexus 6P smartphone Andri Koolme / Flickr cc

Google appears to be looking into the release of two new smartphones under its Nexus line. According to reports, the company may be tapping HTC and Huawei too for the phones with the Android N providing some killer features, including virtual reality capabilities. Can Google hit jackpot?


 New Nexus Smartphones on the Way

Previously, it was only HTC that was linked to the development of the Nexus smartphones but it looks like that Huawei will be joining the party. There were earlier reports about HTC-made Nexus handsets being tested although there are also contradicting claims saying that HTC wants to focus on its handsets rather than partner with Google. Perhaps, this is also the same reason why Huawei is also making the headlines with Google.

According to Know Your Mobile, there have been reports about Huawei being part of the party for some probable reasons: third model up in the works, HTC pulling out and last-minute Google decisions. However, all of those cannot be confirmed until Google says anything. Nonetheless, if there is some any hint of what people could expect, they could look at the HTC 10. The phone has received praises which could also indicate that the same quality could be observed from the upcoming Nexus devices.

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Android N to be a Killer

Another report from Know Your Mobile lists down some of the best features of the Android N, which could be the starting operating system of the Nexus devices. Some of these include: Nuclear Wipe (featuring allowing users to brick phones if lost or stolen), seamless updates, possible merge with Chrome, virtual reality capabilities and more.

Google has promised better features and most likely on-time updates as opposed to previous practice. All information must be taken with a grain of salt until the official announcement.

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