20 Anti-Muslim Rallies Across US & World: Here’s What Happened

20 Anti-Muslim Rallies Across US & World: Here’s What Happened
Mosquée Masjid el Haram à la Mecque Citizen59 / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

There are 20 anti-Muslim rallies that should be happening around Muslim mosques across the country from Oct. 9 to Oct. 10. The Global Rally for Humanity is organizing the event. On their Facebook page, the group claimed that “Humanity is attacked daily by radical Islam. Protests will be held in every country at every Mosque.” Some members defend their cause saying they are not racist or bigots and that they simply understand the threats of Islam. Others say they want the world to say no to Islam.


Canada Free Press reported that there are confirmed rallies in Australia, Britain, Canada, Germany and Israel. In the U.S., rallies are confirmed in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, Michigan, Kentucky, Colorado, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Oregon, Ohio, New England and New York.

In Florida, the Florida Gun Supply organized the event and there are 31 members who have signed up to join. The organizer is encouraging supporters to stand up against “evil Islam” and keep it out of the communities. The group further said that rally in part is being organized to protest the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakan, who allegedly is building “an army of 10,000 people to murder whites and cops.”

Florida Gun Supply also encouraged participants to bring their anti-Islam signs, shirts and flags and even concealed weapons. The organizer said that everyone who have concealed carry permit are welcome to carry. They will also be in bulletproof vest not because they need to wear them but the vests symbolize that they are in a battle with Islam.

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In Dearborn, only a small group has turned up and barricaded in the Ford Centennial Library plaza, ABC 7 reported. There was also a group of counter protesters led by Abayomi Azikwe said the anti-Muslim group believes that Muslims have no right to live in the U.S. – a claim that goes against the creed of the U.S. Constitution. In Medford, no group has turned up, Mail Tribune reported.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations launched a year-long nationwide voter registration campaign to register 20,000 Muslim voters to help push back against the Islamophobia promoted by the 20 anti-Islam rallies.

“In registering voters, American Muslim organizations nationwide are challenging Islamophobia with community organizing, coalition building and civic empowerment. In the face of hatred, the Muslim community will respond by asserting its rights as American citizens and voters,” said CAIR Government Affairs Manager Robert McCaw in a statement.