1995-96 Bulls Vs 2015-16 Warriors: Steve Kerr Weighs In

1995-96 Bulls Vs 2015-16 Warriors: Steve Kerr Weighs In
Warriors at Wizards 02/24/15 Keith Allison / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Steve Kerr has the unique distinction of being a part of two of the greatest teams in NBA history. While he was a three-point shooting role player for the 72-10 Bulls, he’s the head coach of the history-making Golden State Warriors who are 82-15 since he took charge of the team last year.


Even though Kerr sits on the sidelines, with Luke Walton doing an admirable job as interim coach, these young Warriors still look up to Kerr as a father figure.

Michael Jordan’s 1995-96 Bulls didn’t start 15-0 like these Warriors have, but they went from 5-1 to 41-3, including an unfathomable 36-2 stretch over 38 games. Will Stephen Curry’s Warriors match those feats? Can they better last year’s 67-15 record? Kerr spoke to ESPN to weigh in his thoughts.

“My initial thoughts are that it is literally impossible to even compare (the two teams), because the rules are so different and the eras are so different. We would overload the strong side on (Michael) Jordan, and they would call illegal defense; and they would put their hands all over (Stephen) Curry, and the refs would call a foul. That make sense?”

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The numbers indicate that these Warriors are better than those Bulls.

After 15 Games
1995-96 Bulls: 13-2 (Points Differential: +125, PPG: 103.5, Opp FG Pct: 45.5)
2015-16 Warriors: 15-0 (Points Differential: +216, PPG: 114.5, Opp FG Pct: 42.7)

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When asked if Jordan would guard Curry in the fantasy match-up, Kerr said, “Well, I think the biggest similarity between the two teams is the versatility defensively. The Bulls teams, Johnny Bach used to call Scottie (Pippen) and Michael ‘Dobermans.’ And Scottie, Michael, Dennis and Ron Harper, those guys would switch everything. That was the first team I was ever part of or that I ever saw that would just switch 1 through 4. And we could even switch 1 through 5 when we had (Toni) Kukoc out there. So in some ways, that team was like a precursor to the Warriors. So with the right matchups out there, you could have seen 10 players all switching on each other.”

What if the game were to take place on Pluto? “Oh, well if it takes place on Pluto, then I believe it would hinge on a step-back Steph Curry 3 over Michael Jordan at the buzzer. And we’ll never know if it goes in or not.”