19 Million Takata Air Bag Inflators Need To Be Replaced

19 Million Takata Air Bag Inflators Need To Be Replaced
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The U.S. auto safety regulators reported on Tuesday that the Japanese parts supplier Takata Corp. need to replace more than 19 million air bag inflators fixed in the cars currently used in the country.


The National Highway Safety Transportation Administration (NHTSA) noted that 19.2 million vehicles in the U.S. are equipped with 23.4 million Takata inflators, out of which 4 million cars are reported to have defective air bags on both passenger’s and driver’s side, according to The Japan Times.

The company is reported to have replaced about 4.4 million air bag inflators already. The NHTSA had previously estimated that there are 30 million defective air bag inflators in the cars running in the country. The officials now clarified that the vehicles with defective air bag inflators were double-counted, and some of the vehicles are already shipped overseas.

The defective Takata air bag inflators have taken the lives of at least 8 people by exploding with such a force. About 11 auto-markers are affected by the issue and this problem has been persisting around the world for decades, reported ABC News.

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Investigation on Takata air bag inflators began after one of the Volkswagen Group sports utility vehicle’s air bag ruptured in June. This incident is the first of its kind to happen for the Germany-based automotive company. It is to be noted that more than 50 million cars fitted with Takata air bag inflators are recalled since 2008 worldwide.