14 Million Android Users Have Switched To iPhones, Say Reports

14 Million Android Users Have Switched To iPhones, Say Reports

The biggest challenge for Apple has always been convincing Android users to switch to iOS. Finally, that seems to be happening. Here are a few reasons why Android users are buying iPhones. 


Reports say that 30 percent of Apple’s 48.04 million sales came from Android users in the last quarter. Confirming the news, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, also said that in the last quarter the company has witnessed a high number of Android users buying an iPhone. He also believes that this switch will help the company “smash 74 million sales record.” With the launch of new iPhones and the release of its latest operating system, iOS 9, we have only seen the devices encountering one or few problems. Then why are Android users buying iPhones? 

A wide variety of choice is not always good. It confuses people. Plates of Android users will always be full as almost every smartphone manufacturing company is releasing devices better than the other, almost every month. The biggest problem is when you finally decide to get the latest device, only to find out there is another model in the market that makes you believe you have an outdated phone by the time you bring it home.

This is not the case with Apple. The cut-throat competition among Android manufacturers is what makes users turn to iPhones

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Another possibility can be the importance iOS in society. We cannot deny the fact that Apple is more of a status symbol than a product. People rarely care about the bugs affecting the devices and the easily breakable glass displays. Also, iOS has always been the first operating system to get the latest apps. This preference given to Apple by developers and other companies is also a reason why Apple wins over Android. 

Many smartphone users chose not to switch to iPhone due to two reasons:

i. Its screen size
ii. Absence of microSD card slot

What is happening now is that the screen size of iPhones has increased and most of the Android phones are skipping microSD card slots. This made switching to iPhones easier for Android owners.