13 Dead After Tornado In Mexico, 12 Missing In Texas Flood

13 Dead After Tornado In Mexico, 12 Missing In Texas Flood
Storm Chasing with The Weather Channel’s Tornado Hunt Team Anthony Quintano / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Thirteen people were killed as a heavy tornado ripped through a city along the U.S.-Mexico border on Monday, while dozens of people were reported missing after heavy flooding swept away a vacation home in Central Texas.


More than 2,000 were expatriated throughout Texas cities of San Marcos and Wimberley due to severe storms. Twelve were reported missing in Hays County.

The search operation was carried out after a twister hit the Mexican city of Ciudad Acuna on Monday. Officials in Mexico informed that at least 13 were killed in the tornado, the Associated Press reported.

Five people were killed during the Saturday and Sunday storm, including two in Oklahoma and three in Texas. A man’s body was recovered from huge piles of debris.

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“It looks pretty bad out there,” Kharley Smith, Hays County emergency management coordinator, said regarding Wimberley. “We do have whole streets with maybe one or two houses left on them, and the rest are just slabs.”

A baby was reported to be missing after a twister hit Ciudad Acuna.

Rescue workers are clearing the debris to find the victims.

Mayor Evaristo Perez Rivera said that 300 people were being treated at local hospitals, and up to 200 people became homeless.

“There’s nothing standing, not walls, not roofs,” said Edgar Gonzalez, a spokesman for city government.