1,200 Kaiser Permanente Nurses Go On 7-Day Strike

1,200 Kaiser Permanente Nurses Go On 7-Day Strike
Kaiser Permanente Antelope Valley Daysi Janssen / FlickrCC BY-ND 2.0

At least 1,200 nurses from Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center did not report for work since Tuesday after the hospital management allegedly failed to hear their plea.


According to a report from the ABC 7 News shows that around 100 nurses have picketed outside the hospital carrying banners calling on the officials of Kaiser for higher compensation and fairer workload. As early as 7 a.m local time, the group gathered in front of the hospital. The report noted that the group planned to hold the picket for the next seven days.

After officially accepted as members of the California Nurses Association in 2015, the nurses numbering to 1,200, have been pushing for their first contract, which is yet to be fulfilled by their employer.

Aside from equitable compensation package, the group also called on Kaiser management to improve its staffing system so as to improve its patient-care services. They claimed that aside from the fact that their bargaining would provide economic improvements among the existing nurses, this would also be beneficial to the hospital’s recruitment system.

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Aisha Ealey, a neonatal nurse told the ABC 7 News that they’ve been under wage freeze and contract freeze for the past six years now. She added that all nurses in California have been given wage increases but them.

Another nurse from the same hospital also claimed that the hospital administration has been giving them more workload without proper compensation. This, according to the group, could have a detrimental effect in providing quality and safe patient care services.

But Kaiser Permanente was quick to dismiss all the allegations thrown at them by their nurses. In a statement, as reported by the Associated Press via Bakers Field Now, reveals that the hospital management has proposed equitable compensation offers to its nurses, making them among the best paid nurses across California.

Kaiser added that the on-going strike is not about the quality of services offered by the hospital and the staffing level, as the nurses were claiming.

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