Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie: Death Of Robin & 10 Things To Expect

Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie: Death Of Robin & 10 Things To Expect
Ben Affleck Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC
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After the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, critics bashed the movie, eventually dividing fans and resulting to a mediocre success for the studio. However, their responses forced the DC Extended Universe to make plans to reboot Batman starring Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne.


Things got more interesting as rumors suggested Affleck to be in talks to direct the movie. Although Morning News USA has no official comment from the studio, during a talk show in “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Geoff Johns mentioned Affleck is currently working on the reboot script.

While it’s possible that Affleck might step away from directing the movie due to his busy schedule as the executive producer in Justice League, Morning News USA believes his ideas will be the plot of the new Batman. Judging by the DC Extended Universe, DC Comics, and Affleck’s recent hints, these are the 10 things fans can expect in the movie.

He won’t be playing a younger role.

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In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we come across a Batman who’s old but not obsolete and has the wit and strength to take on even the Man of Steel.

While fans may rejoice to witness Affleck pose as a young Bruce Wayne, we believe the studio has no plans on a young Wayne. Fortunately, Affleck confirmed it during his talk with “The Graham Norton Show” where he said, “Zack came to me and said, I want you to do this Batman and I said, I don’t think I’m really right for this, the young guy avenging his parents death and puts on a cap and fights supervillian, maybe one time.”

Affleck went on. “[Zack] No, that’s not it. He’s completely broken down, he’s older, he’s falling apart, he’s on the verge of moral bankruptcy.

The whole idea from the start was to portray Affleck as a slightly grey-haired old Batman. DC would probably go with the same look.

It won’t be a full-fledged comic adaptation.

When rumors spread suggesting Affleck as the director of the new Batman, fans hoped the story would be an adaptation of The New 52 Batman: Court of Owls. Cinema Blend reported that the adaptation of The Red Hood storyline would shape the story for the DC Extended Universe.

However, during an interview at the Mexico City premiere of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Ben Affleck said:

“I would probably do in some ways what Zack [Snyder] did with [Batman v Superman], which is to borrow certain things from the great comic books, but create an original story around it. I wouldn’t want fans to already know the story and be familiar with it, but I would borrow — steal — great things that have been done before in the comics.”

Death of Robin

The death of Robin is one of the most disappointing storylines in DC Comics. Judging by what Snyder set in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, DC fans can be certain that the studio won’t pull of a milking stunt like Marvel in Captain America: Civil War (excluding the death of Steve Rogers from the hands of Iron Man).

While Robin’s death could be in the reboot, or perhaps in the sequel, we believe that DC will go all the way to end Robin’s life. During an interview with IGN, Snyder revealed the reason behind the disturbing cape of Robin, presumed to be graffitied by Joker.

“In my mind, it was that Robin had died 10 years earlier during some run-in with a young Joker. So there was a fun backstory there to play with. I felt like the whole idea was that there had been loss and there had been sacrifice. In a weird way, he had sacrificed everything to be Batman. He doesn’t really have a life outside the cave. I thought that including Robin, a dead Robin, was helping us understand that he’s been on quite a little journey.”

Nightwing and Robin beside Batman

To a DC fan, it’s a no-brainer that all events that occurred in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was under the supervision of Geoff Johns and the entire studio. The cape of Robin, which indicates that he’s already dead, will probably be explained in the reboot.

In that case, we can expect Nightwing and Robin to stand beside Batman. Hopefully, we get to see one of them in the first part.

Gotham’s criminals

Cobblepot, Harvey Dent (Two Face), Poison Ivy, and many others are Gotham’s worst enemies. Of course, the movie wouldn’t solely set its plot on supervillians who could be defeated in a matter of TV episodes. Still, we expect these criminals to play some roles in the movie.

No Man of Steel

While this would probably be an obvious question that doesn’t require an answer, we’ll set a clear picture for the newbies. Although Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice shows Gotham City vis-a-vis Metropolis, the Batman reboot will take place at a time Clark Kent is still confused and in search of a purpose; in short, it would be pre-Man of Steel.

This was supposedly hinted at the beginning of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where we see Bruce Wayne running in the city of ruins due to the aftermath of General Zod and Superman’s fight. Wayne is portrayed as the same old Batman during that sequence.

Riddler would bring down Gotham to its knees.

If you’ve read “The New 52 Batman Vol 5: Zero Year- Dark City,” then you’re familiar with Edward Enigma, also known as the “Riddler.” The green-suited Gotham criminal was capable of bringing down the whole city and pushing Batman to his limit. His wits cannot be countered with brute force, unless you solve his riddles.

Since DC is prioritizing the importance of a good story over meaningless action sequences, the Riddler would be a fine enemy for the new Batman.

Batman would kill! But technically… it’s not him?

This has already been touched upon many times since the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Witnessing Batman kill or, to be precise, allow criminals to die, was an unexpected move from DC. Christopher Nolan‘s version of Batman didn’t allow his enemy to be killed. Zack Snyder’s version wouldn’t go out of the way to stop a criminal from finding his own death.

It’s a fact that Bruce Wayne won’t break his principles to kill a criminal in the name of justice. But we can certainly expect the bat to beat his victims to a pulp in the reboot.

Detective skills

If you have read the whole listicle, particularly the 7th point, it’s a no-brainer that Batman will be analyzing crime scenes instead of beating up villains or street thugs. The movie would try to win its audience over with a well-written script rather than VFX and body doubles for stunts in action sequences.

The League of Assassin

Batman played by Christian Bale concentrated its plot on The League of Assassins and Ra’s al Ghul to a large extent. In short, the trilogy ended with The League. However, a lot of magical elements were excluded to involve realism. If Ra’s al Ghul appears in the new Batman, we can expect the Lazarus Pit to be part of the story.

These notions are based on the events that occurred in DC comics and the DC Extended Universe. Moreover, there are chances that some of the points mentioned here would occur in the sequel or remain as theories.

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  • Kevin Royalty

    “Christopher Nolan‘s version of Batman didn’t allow his enemy to be killed.”

    Ra’s al Gul, Harvey dent, and Talia. Then Tim Burton killed joker and penguin, Joel Schumacher killed two-faced and , presumably, poison ivy. With so many other directors having Batman kill in their movies it’s hard to believe anyone has a problem with Zack Snyder doing it now.

    • Φίλη

      In Nolan’s movies Ra’s Al Ghul wasn’t killed: he was left to save his own life – he wasn’t tied up or unconscious when Batman left him on the train. Harvey Dent died during a fight while Batman saved a boy’s life: Batman had tried to reason with him and was shot in his effort. Talia died during a chase while a bomb was on the verge of going off killing tens of milions of people. So Nolan’s Batman didn’t killed the way Snyder’s Batman did: people have a problem with Snyder Batman’s killing because he does it in cold blood and while he can avoid it – also he plots to murder Superman and that makes him a murderer like his villains – he was ready to kill him in cold blood before the infamous Martha….

      • Elvis Mayhem

        “In Nolan’s movies Ra’s Al Ghul wasn’t killed: he was left to save his own life – he wasn’t tied up or unconscious when Batman left him on the train.”

        Although he left him without a grapple line or cape on a train going 70+ mph toward a chasm that he was responsible for creating with seconds to jump off, from several stories up. Yes this doesn’t sound like someone sentencing someone else to die.
        “Harvey Dent died during a fight while Batman saved a boy’s life: Batman had tried to reason with him and was shot in his effort. Talia died during a chase while a bomb was on the verge of going off killing tens of milions of people.”

        Killing, no matter the reason, is killing; however you justify it doesn’t change the fact he is guilty of taking a life. The comic book counterpart would have found ways around letting anyone die.
        The fact Snyder’s Batman allows people to die due to PTSD atleast makes more sense then he let them die fully conscious of what he is doing (like in every other Batman movie where he’s killed someone or allowed them to die). Complaining about it in bvs just seems trendy.