Ben Carson: Holocaust Could Have Been ‘Greatly Diminished’ If Jews Were Armed


Ben Carson has drawn criticism over his recent remarks about guns, and the latest one about how Jews could have avoided the Holocaust if they had arms was no different. Speaking with CNN’s Wolf


WW3 Seethes In Syria: Russia Onslaught Perseveres; Blinding Ray Gun Tested


Russia’s onslaught against ISIS in Syria persists with its four-missile warships launching cruise missile strikes from the southwest part of the Caspian Sea to a number of important objects of


‘Lumia 950 XL’ Or ‘Sony Xperia Z5 Premium’ – Which Will Win Against ‘iPhone 6S Plus?’


Another high-end smartphone which looks promising has been announced by Microsoft. After being out of the competition, and to an extent, out of the market for some time, the company has come back

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